Real Estate Simulator™
Real Estate Simulator™ combines three different assessments, a video Simulation, a Personality Profile and a Cognitive Ability test, to give you the most comprehensive evaluation available. The results are brought together in one easy to read report.
About the Simulation

The Simulation measures the level of sales skill.

In the simulation, you are presented with typical situations that real estate agents experience on the job every day. You have to react to the situations, and in the process, deal with objections, establish the client's needs, and close the sale. Your responses are then statistically compared to those of high-performing agents.

These situations test the following competencies:

1. Building Rapport

Building rapport and acquiring information are critical skills that come into play at the beginning of every sales process. This part of the simulation measures your ability to develop a connection with clients on a personal level and to collect necessary information (such as determining the clients' needs and requirements, decision-making criteria, and priorities, as well as the information that is necessary to screen the client) by asking the right type of questions at the right time.

2. Managing the Sales Process

Managing the sales process involves a set of behaviors that control the flow and pace of the sales process. This part of the simulation measures your ability to guide the client toward action at the right time by making appropriate recommendations (while not turning off the client by being too aggressive or too forward), properly addressing clients' concerns, and effectively handling objections and removing obstacles.

3. Listening Skills

Strong listening and comprehension skills are necessary to understand your clients' needs and requirements from what your clients tell you. This part of the simulation measures how well you process the information that the clients provide and how accurately you apply that information in the sales process.

4. Closing the Sale

Closing skills are a set of behaviors related to bringing a sale to completion by obtaining a commitment from the client and closing a deal. This part of the simulation measures your ability to obtain a commitment from your clients and to make clients feel good about their purchasing decisions. It measures your level of assertiveness when closing deals and your ability to handle rejection, in those cases where the sale does not materialize.

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