Real Estate Simulator™
Real Estate Simulator™ combines three different assessments, a video Simulation, a Personality Profile and a Cognitive Ability test, to give you the most comprehensive evaluation available. The results are brought together in one easy-to-read report.

Immediately after the completion of the assessment, the computer automatically performs statistical data analysis and makes the results available for viewing in an easy-to-read format. (Only those individuals with Administrative privileges are able to see the results.)

Three features of the report deserve particular mention.

First, the report features an indicator of the test taker’s “Overall Suitability” for a career in real estate sales. All information is statistically summarized into this one measure, which provides a quick point of reference.

Second, the report provides detailed assessment in terms of 8 key competencies. For each competency, the test taker’s score is displayed in a bar graph format (see above). This provides an easy visual gauge of how the test taker compares to others in terms of the sales-relevant competencies. The graph further indicates the areas where the competency level is considered enhanced, average, or in need of improvement.

Third, the report presents notes that explain each competency measured by the assessment and provides custom explanations of how the test taker compares to the benchmarks set by other realtors.

This information is essential for those individuals who want to optimize their own performance or performance of their real estate brokerages.

1. Brokers and Managers use the assessment to make more informed hiring, developmental, and training decisions.

"The report pinpoints the areas that we need to focus on. Once we know the
weak areas, we sit down with the agent and establish a plan for improvement."

Jack Fusco, Manager at Re/Max Brampton

2. Realtors use this information to identify their strengths and weaknesses for the purpose of professional development. They use the Real Estate Simulator™ to benchmark themselves against others in terms of the sales-relevant skills and dispositions, and use the results to improve their performance.

" I learned that I don’t push for the close enough. I’m aware of it now, whereas
I would not have known this without the [test].”

Randy LaFleur, a Broker Agent with Exit Realty, CANADA

3. Considering becoming a Realtor? You too can use this assessment to make an informed decision about whether or not to enter the real estate industry. Too often, people decide that a career in real estate sales is not for them and miss out on a rewarding career for which they are perfectly suited. Of course, the reverse is also often true too.

“It opened my eyes. I am so glad I did this. Thank you.” M.R.




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