Real Estate Simulator™
Real Estate Simulator™ combines three different assessments, a video Simulation, a Personality Profile and a Cognitive Ability test, to give you the most comprehensive evaluation available. The results are brought together in one easy to read report.

Personality explains a person's behavioral tendencies. Knowing one's personality provides information about inclinations and general patterns of behavior.

In this portion of the assessment, you are asked to respond to a series of statements about yourself on a scale ranging from "Strongly Disagree" to "Strongly Agree."

The personality dimensions assessed by this profile are associated with success in sales.

1. Extraversion and Assertiveness

Extraversion describes one’s proclivity for sociability and level of assertiveness. People high in extraversion like being around other people and enjoy social gatherings. They tend to be assertive, energetic, and talkative. In contrast, introverts tend to be shy, withdrawn, and retiring. Most people fall between these two ends of the spectrum.

2. Conscientiousness

Conscientiousness reflects the person's desire to achieve success and the ability to control impulses and temptations in order to get there. The conscientious individual is purposeful, determined, reliable, and self-disciplined. In contrast, individuals low in conscientiousness tend to be careless, scattered, and more easily distracted.

3. Emotional Resilience

Emotional Resilience reflects a person’s tendency to experience negative affects, such as fear, sadness, embarrassment, anger, and anxiety. A high score suggests that the individual is generally stable, calm, and self-confident. A low score indicates a tendency to be anxious and insecure, particularly when faced with stressful events such as rejection, difficult clients, or hard-line negotiation.


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