Welcome to an inside look of the
Real Estate Simulator

Within this section, you will experience an overview of how the Real Estate Simulator functions as a recruiting and selection
solution.  With this information you will better understand how this solution can enhance your recruiting processes, allowing
you to effectively recruit, select, train and retain the best talent for your organization.  If you have questions regarding the
Real Estate Simulator and how it can benefit your organization please contact our sales support team at
1-800-682-4587 x 3561 (Outside the United States: +1-407-875-1102 x 3561)

What is the Real Estate Simulator?
Understand the strategy behind this unique recruiting and selection solution.

Demo the Real Estate Simulator
Briefly experience the assessment that your candidates will be exposed to.

How Does the Real Estate Simulator Work?
Understand how this unique recruiting and selecting solution operates.

View Sample Assessment Results
View samples of the results that will help you make more informed recruiting, selection and training decisions.

How Will the Real Estate Simulator Enhance Your Recruiting Process?
Understand how the Real Estate Simulator will benefit your recruiting and selection processes.

Experience the Recruiting Management System
Sample the online management system that assists you in organizing your recruiting and selection efforts.

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